Why we promote the use of Plastic?

In the current climate plastic has been at the top of everyone’s lists. But is it plastic that’s the problem?

Here at Bloom-in-Box we know that plastic is not the problem. Plastic has so many uses in everyday life, and one might go as far as to say its vital. Our ethos here at Bloom-in-Box is this ‘Designing products with more than just one life.’

We think it is so important to recycle, and did you know plastic is more eco-friendly than you are led to believe. To combat the current issue we believe it is not the banning of plastic, but instead to educate people on the ways of recycling further and really encourage the reuse of it.

As we say ‘Plastic has more than one use’ and The Bloomie is a prime example. They are made of 99% recycled material and are then 100% recyclable. With the use of an innovating technique of in mould labelling and recycled plastic ,we were able to create a beautiful products. This shows how recycled plastic can be used again, and even our box can be recycled and turned back into a Bloomie.

Just a thought to think on there is not just one type of plastic, in fact, there are hundreds and yet the only thing the news promotes is the destruction it causes. But how can a plastic bottle cause a problem… the answer is it can not, but people can.

We are constantly creating innovative ways to use recycled plastic, and are now looking into compostible plastic for some products. The world of plastic is far more than you would believe and we hope you follow us on our journey to creating a positive plastic and sustainable future.

In 2018 we were finalists for Recycled Plastic Product of the year with our Bloom Floristry Boxes. We were thrilled to have been included and also to promote the fact recycling can be beautiful. Our idea to ‘ Create Products with more than one life’ is at the heart of our business. Our idea behind the floristry boxes was to take recycled plastic and give it a new life, and by covering it with an in-mould label of the exact same material means it can be recycled again and again. To prove plastic can be recycled, any boxes that mould incorrectly are chopped up, put through our grinder and made into our security spikes. We never waste plastic, because why should we? It can be used infinitely.

What are the Goals we currently support?

5 . Gender Equality

12 . Responsible Consumption and Production

14 . Life Below Water

17 . Partnership for the Goals

How do we achieve this?

For Goal 5, Gender Equality. Everyone here are Bloom-in-Box has the same opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge and there are no inequalities in pay between anyone’s gender.

For Goal 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, we support this goal by having all electric machines to ensure we are working in harmony with the environment. The electric machines are 70% more efficient than hydraulic machines and therefore are a more responsible way of production.

For Goal 14, Life Below Water, we feel we support this goal by helping to eliminate plastic waste. Any Waste plastic from production is recycled into one of  our other products, ensuring we have no waste plastic from our products, and all our products are 100% recyclable.

For Goal 17, Partnership for the Goals, we support the Goals and what they stand for and we do our best to fulfil as many as possible to make the world a better and more eco-friendly place.