Storm Eco extra strong laundry pegs

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  • Multipurpose peg
  • Made from recycled material
  • It is manufactured here in the UK.
  • Its primary use is for washing lines to hang up laundry
  • This peg has been designed for washing lines so that the 3 legs slide easily over the wire and clothing for a firm and secure hold, even in high winds.
  • The peg is weather proof meaning it can be left on washing lines so they are not lost easily, saving you time and effort looking for them. The peg will last longer that standard wooden pegs due to it being weather proof.
  • Alternate uses Paper clip/ Document clip Re-seal opened bags/packets like coffee Re seal freezer bags/packets Clip shoes/ boots together Paper money clip

2 reviews for Storm Eco pegs

  1. Debbie

    Just bought a pack and they are great! Great service and my washing has not blown away in the wind 🙂

  2. Mel

    Finally found a peg which holds my washing on the line. Fabulous pegs!!!

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