Stegastrip Fence Wall Spikes Security anti cat Intruder climb

Stegastrip Fence Wall Spikes Security anti cat Intruder climb




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The Stegastrip is moulded from strengthened polypropylene with excellent UV weathering resistance and each strip is 500mm long, 50mm across the base with 60mm high spikes. We have been manufacturing this product in the uk for the past 20 years and it is a highly recommended non lethal deterrent.

Each pack size represents the length in meters that it can cover. Stegastrip is a row of uniquely configured flat plastic spikes that are designed for maximum effect against unwanted intruders and some for pests, however the prikka may also be an option for you.

The centre hinge design allows it to be fitted neatly to irregular surfaces such as fence tops, coping stones and pipes.  When fitted back-to-back and secured together with screws, Stegastrip forms a rotating spiked deterrent when used in conjunction with the optional posts.

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Designed and Manufactured in the UK

The difference between Rotating and Not Rotating Stega strip


Not Rotating