Prika Strip Wall Spike

Prikka Eco Fence/Wall Spikes

Garden Security Anti climb cat/intruder deterrent

Warning labels included, one per 5 meters.

The Prikkastrip is an effective deterrent against Humans, Cats, Foxes and Large Birds. It is ideal for Fences, Walls & Window Sills and we recommend securing them down with screws. It can be secured with glue and we recommend no more nails. However the surface must be prepared for this to work efficiently and may need to be re-applied  at some point in the future due to weathering. (Dimensions 50cm X 4.5cm x 1.5cm)

In every pack there are waterproof warning signs included, designed to be left out in all weather conditions using screen print technology so that your signs last for a long time. You get 1 per 5 meters. Please note these are small signs.

Specific design functions

  • UV & Frost Protection for all weathers 
  • Can also be cut into 3 strips to provide 3x Length 
  • They bend to fit a curve
  • This is the longest strips on the market at 50cm so more value for money  
  • Made from 99% recycled high-strength polypropylene plastic sourced from post consumer waste 
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom for over 20 years

Please get in touch should you need any help with your order.

Five Colours Available