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One Mask.

The One Mask. was designed by Bloom-in-Box in 2019 as we recognised the need to a re-usable face mask.

One Mask. is a new innovation in face masks with its built in ability to fit any face shape or size. We understood the need that the face masks in the market have the idea that one size fits all, and this is really not the case. The new design in the One Mask. enables the ability to alter the seal to different sizes and shapes to provide a comfortable and perfect fitting mask.

With the ongoing climate crisis it was incredibly important for us to build in the re-usable factor which does not affect the effectiveness of the filtration system.

This system would allow workers, where it is vital they wear a protective face mask, the ability to inter-change the filter and clean them to ensure they can wear a clean filter throughout the day.

The filter can be cleaned with boiling water and left to dry out or it can be steamed in the microwave. This makes it very easy for the wearer to be able to inter change their filter during the day to reduce them having to wear the same mask all day when it becomes very hot and sweaty.

The One Mask. is currently in testing with The National Physics Laboratory

All artwork was completed by Sarah Barwick

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